Real Techniques brushes review

This post is about brushes….
Makeup brushes….A beauty junkie like me always wanted a pair of new, shiny brushes to do my makeup.Now , after a long time and many hesitations I got (for start) the trio travel set from REAL TECHNIQUES… Yeap, that gorgeous ones with foundation/concealer brush , eyeshadow brush and last but not least the powder/blush/highlighter brush.

So many “brush” in one sentence..Gosh , I must make some “makeover” to my vocabulary too.
Anyway, let’s get back to our topic.
+ you can use them easily
+ in love with the powder brush
+ perfect package
+I have already cleaned them and they look brand new…

– I didn’t like the foundation brush because I didn’t have the coverage I wanted but If I remember correct they have said it .This brush is for light coverage.Also, I think it is a little big for concealer. Don’t forget that I am not a professional makeup artist.Perhaps, someone else won’t have the same problem.

That’s all.For me it is a totally valuable makeup set.

It is perfect for anyone who starts brushes


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