KORRES beauty essentials

KORRES beauty essentials

I know that you haven’t heard from me since 8th of July but due to lack of time and sleep I couldn’t post anything.
My time was between work and study – 8 hours work per day plus 2 hours for my transportation plus 2 hours of study…I am not sure if I have mentioned before that 3 months ago I started French lessons. Yeap , I know I am crazy. The truth is that I want to do new things all the time . I want to learn things and open my mind.If all things go well from October I will start the search for a Master in Civil Engineering or something relevant.
Anyway I started babbling again.
Now on our topic …My new discovery was the products above from Korres.
Korres white tea foam cleansing
Absolutely perfect .It clears everything and it has a divine smell.
As for the body milk and the shower gel , the perfume of both products last for hours.

Total price for 3 products 26Euro.

Till next time


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