cozy Wednesday…..

cozy Tuesday.....

Plaid shirt
€21 –

Low rise jeans

Forever 21 shoes
€20 –

River Island sunglasses
€13 –

MAC Cosmetics lips makeup
€14 –
Good morning everyone
Today I decided to show you a more comfortable outfit. A fashion look featuring longsleeve shirts , faded blue jeans and pointed pumps. (Info those pumps are still on sale on the website and they have it in purple .)    🙂 🙂 🙂
From my previous post you know how much I love high heels. I don’t have flat shoes only snickers and only one pair of them…High heels gives another air to your outfit. More stylish and elegant I assume.
I am very curious right now. I have never counted how many high heels I have on my closet….Hmmm , that’s a very good question.
So, this is my question for you . How many high heels do you have in your closet ?ps. I am on facebook from yesterday.

facebook page : my little pink cloud


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