Brussels in pictures….

La Grand Place in Brussels




Night in Brussels
And of course chocolates...


Hello loves ,

This week I decided to upload some pictures from my next trip.
I have never been in Brussels and this will be the trip of my dreams.
I don’t know from where to start. I want to see everything.
My trip is scheduled for March but I can’t wait. I have already searched what to see …La Grand Place , Atomium , mini Europe and many other places. Maybe I will organise a day trip to  Luxembourg again or I will go to Amsterdam. I don’t know…
Anyway I hope you liked my post for today and don’t forget to stay tuned .
One clue for next week’s photos : Greek island with the best sunset view (from my summer vacations).



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Oh my goodness- I hope you have a blast! I was there a few years ago and LOVED it!!

    1. vicky says:

      I hope everything will go as I want…I have tried to go there a month ago but I postponed it for March.
      You are very lucky you’ve been there.Happy holidays 😀😀😀

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