Let’s talk about nude

L'oreal Nude Magique



I know how it feels when you are looking yourself in the mirror and you think that those pores you have look huge on your face. Most of the time we ‘re wrong and it is in our imagination but we are women and yeap I must confess that we all have faced low self esteem issues. I don’t believe that any model wakes up in the morning and  says that they are perfect. Thank God there are some magical products that can make us feel better like that above.
This week product is from L’oreal , Nude magique blur cream.
From other products of its kind is cheap enough and for me it has the same results with something more expensive.
+ it makes my pores look small as it say it does and also my skin looks more bright
– after 5 minutes of use I feel my skin oily but I can correct it with the powder I use.it

If I were you I would give a try on it.

Have you ever tried it ?

Kisses V.


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