The lost one came back home…

Hello loves….
I know it was last month since you heard  from me….but the truth is that it was a difficult month for me . We faced many problems on my job and many other things that will make you feel bad and I don’t want it that. The good news is that now are everything fine (thank God for that).


While I was away the back place of my mind was to you and in all the things I want to share with you. Also, I decided that I have to schedule my posts. I don’t like to leave you for days without something.

So, I thought of having my posts organised in weekly categories.
For example : Monday will be dedicated on posts about Life in order to start your week with motivation for something good. Tuesday will be dedicated on Fashion , Wednesday on Beauty , Thursday on Food and Friday on Travel.  Weekend will be my days off from you in order to think something special.
Do you like my idea ?
I think with that I will be more focused on you.

Kisses and don’t forget to have fun
See you on Monday


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