Soooo cold ….Where is my sweater ?

Set by M.V.

Good morning people….How are you all these days ?
Something with the weather here in Athens (very , very cold…grrrr) and the celebration we had of 28th October (public holiday) I couldn’t write. My mind was blank (as it usually does with this weather)…
And I can hear you now say “bla,bla,bla Vicky – stop talking too much , get straight to the subject for the God’s sake”.
Well, for the start the look above is inspired by the love I have for sweaters.
I love to wear sweaters . Soft , warm sweaters that makes you feel cozy those cold days (ps . I hate cold – I would love to live in countries like Sweden or Denmark or somewhere North but the weather there is a hard limit for me. Even here in Athens when the thermometer shows 0°C, I think I will die from freeze. Yeap… I overreact.)
As I was saying, sweaters are so beautiful. You can wear them with everything. With pants , leggings ,skirts or shorts. In which way do you wear them ?

For more about this look on my profile page on Polyvore.



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