Let’s cook together…lazy recipe for lazy cook…

Sausages gluten free with oil, pepper , salt , tomato and the secret of this recipe paprika
French fries.....I can't eat only one....I want them aaaaaaall.....
The final result.....We love it ....sausages , french fries and fresh bread.....mmmmmm.....delicious...

Yeap , that’s right …As you see this is the easiest lunch you can cook…
It is not nuclear physics , it is so simple like boiling water. Kids just love it. My little brother is crazy for this recipe.
The recipe above is stolen from Daniel who likes to make it when I am tired from work and I can’t cook.
Now for the records let’s begin the basics.

4-5 Frankfurter  sausages (I prefer gluten free )
Black pepper
Tomato juice or ketchup (the result is the same)
Olive oil

Making the sausages

Cut the sausages in small pieces while you have put the oil in the pan. Add sausages inside and fry them for 5 minutes until they took some colour.
Add the tomato juice or the ketchup -it has the same result , salt , pepper and paprika. Let them boil for 10 minutes.
If you want the sauce to be sweet , add 1 teaspoon sugar.
Serve it with French Fries.
If you have a Greek Market nearby , you can buy Feta (greek cheese) to add inside the sauce. The result will be perfect. Try it…

Kali orexi….(enjoy your meal)



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