Athens …a quick view…

Metro station in Peristeri
Ancient Greece is everywhere....just love it...
Kapnikarea perfect...
Let's drink coffee in a jar....:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:
On the road
Kisses from me and Daniel ...

Right now I am sitting on the bus I take to go for work and like always ( 😜😜😜😜) I play with my tablet….I am so obsessed with it…Since January I bought it , it has been my extra hand…All these pictures above are from my tablet….Athens and suburban…
I love to take pictures everywhere I go ….photos from me …Daniel …or even the places….but the ugly truth is that I hate to carry  a camera. I like to have with me only certain things….cell phone, tablet,wallet and lipstick…oh and monthly pass for buses…
One of the little things I love to use in Athens is metro and suburban railway..Accurate and you can go everywhere in less time .
That day we used metro from Peristeri (a town near Athens ) and we went in Syntagma Square. We headed to Ermou Str. where you can find a huge selection of shops. We did a little shopping (only for my eyes because Daniel would have killed me if I stayed too long there).In that street you will find Kapnikarea which is a small church -so perfect by my opinion. Don’t you think so ?
Later , we headed in a perfect coffee shop in another town nearby Athens which is decorated like Hogwarts. They serve coffee in strange cups and they have sweets  named from various fairytales.
This is how I spent my Saturday ….How was yours ?

Kisses V.


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