Time to relax……with a bath


What’s better from a shower….I don’t know about you guys but when I take a shower I have a routine I follow every time to relax….shampoo….shower gel ….conditioner…. (yeah yeah I know everyone use them ) but also body scrub and facial cleanser….

From the age of 20 I used to dye my hair that’s why I try  to look after them with special products… One of my nightmares is to lose my hair or even destroy them…That’s why every time I go to my hairdresser I ask her about them …hahaha….😃😃😃 I think I drive her insane with my questions.

One of the products I use and saved my hair is Kerastase Elixir Ultime….I use it with my shampoo sometimes or after it. It has made my hair strong and silky .

Also one of the joys I have while I take a shower is body scrub , I found one a month ago with the smell of chocolate and caramel that makes me wanna eat it …It smells so good , plus Daniel loves it. It leaves my skin so soft and moisturized. Also I don’t forget to use facial cleanser ,a habit I have since I was teenager .I had a serious acne problem back then and thank God I get over it with only that.

That’s my routine ….Yours ???? 20140421_210725 20140421_210738 20140421_210748


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