Floral nails…


Hello my loves

How are you today ? I feel  a little bit tired  today because it was a very difficult day at work but I survived…😄😄😄😄 We are 4 days away from Easter here in Greece and we try to schedule everything . Jobs , gifts to our families and anything else that will be affected by the celebration… I don’t know if you have already celebrated it but if you haven’t yet this is the perfect manicure for your whole style.

Floral nails is the best manicure for this season … pastel colours , white or even black backround .

Below are some photos I found on Pinterest and I loved them….

37190-def34936-nuxia-anoixi-sxedia-anoixiatika-sxedia (21)34917-nuxia-anoixi-sxedia-anoixiatika-sxedia (15)71cb74bb74786bfd2cd923acc66103327ce8eff0efce8cde755e039eabf7b4afIMG_20140324_195252

PS: The last one was my own creation…..😀😀😀 It is one of the latest hobbies I began ….


I hope you like it …

Till next time

Kisses V.



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