5 little things


There are days where your mood is as black as the coal and there are other days where you can’t stop smiling.

I try to be very positive as a person but when I am not feeling well , I try 5 little things to make me feel better.

One of these is the slogan above .There is no one who has not seen Timon and Pumba sang this song and didn’t make him smile or sing. It has a cheerful mood this song. Yeah I know it is childish but doesn’t make you smile? A little???


Mmmmm….Coffee…..I love it….I love its smell , how it tastes…I love everything on it….I like cold and hot coffees. I just can’t start my day without it….

My favourite is caramel macchiato. Whenever I go to the mall with my best friend , I grab a coffee from Starbucks… 😛

What can I do ? It is not on my hands… 😛


I know…I know….But I am weak …I love macarons…A package of macarons make me so happy….I don’t know which flavor is best…- blueberry , lemon , cappuccino or praline?

Well , I want them all… 🙂 🙂 CAM00942

Little gifts from friends…Yesterday a collegue went to a Christening and brought me those sugared almonds . He made my day… There are little things that can make you smile…

Years ago when I was younger , I remember my best friend used to write me letters with little gifts inside.. She always made me smile with those.

IMG_20130414_094806And last but not least this is the view from my house. It always makes me relax and changes my mood . It is true what they say that ” like home there is nowhere” .

So peaceful and beautiful.


Those are my 5 little things that changes my mood to better when I am not well . Don’t let anyone or anything make you sad. There are little things around us that can make us smile.

And don’t forget HAKUNA MATATA …




2 Comments Add yours

  1. These are great ‘little things.’ Focusing on little things always boosts my mood too 🙂 great post

  2. Oh! I love sugar almonds and this is a beautiful post.

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