Info of the day -Who was Lucrezia Buti?


I love painting and I admire the works they have created over the centuries. I recently learned the following information not known about the specific panel that touched my romantic side . This is the table that has created Filippo Lippi.

The work of Filippo Lippi estimated painted around 1465 and is one of the most important paintings of the Renaissance. The reputation of the table is based more on the fact that the Virgin Mary depicted resembles the real portrait of Lucrezia Buti.

But who was Lucrezia Butti? This is the info .
Lippi was a monk but not observing the rules of the church,  he fell in love with the nun Lucrezia Buti. The bond them, forced them to renounce their religion. The two had a son (the famous painter Filippino Lippi) and a daughter. The similarity of the Virgin with his wife have made the experts to believe that Lippi portrayed absolute love in the face of his wife.

Isn’t it so romantic ?



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  1. Beautiful painting and yes, definitely so romantic <3!

  2. Love it and the painting is so beautiful.

  3. vicky says:

    Thank you girls .. Very kind from you. 🙂
    Thanks for this award … I will upload a post for that soon. 🙂

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