Romper Style

How are you my loves???

How do you spend your day? I am trying to relax as much as I can…I need to full my batteries because my next vacations will be on November and I have to be ready to go to work next week….
As for my plans for November….all reservations have  done for my first trip in Luxembourg…
yupiiiiiii……. 🙂
So what’s better than a romper to wear to feel relaxed and cool.
I love rompers ….As an outfit it has a playful side . You can wear it with heels and feel sexy and feminine or you can wear it with flats and show your girly side..There are so many possibilities you can explore.
As for me I am a fan of heels so I prefer to wear my romber with them…
Oh by the way I found some interesting rombers in FOREVER 21  site on sales so  you ‘d better hurry .

The question of the day ?
Feminine or girly side with a romper ?
Till next time




4 Comments Add yours

  1. i would go for feminine and sexy :)))


  2. Rupsha B says:

    Hope you have a great time at Luxembourg. Love this set! 🙂
    Glitter & Blush

  3. Denise Sabs says:

    I think feminine! I loved the collage, really love the color – coral, I guess! Luxembourg is a great place for vacations! I am sure you will have a lot of fun! denisesplanet com

  4. I love using Polyvore, nice outfit. Thanks for the follow as well, I returned the favour 🙂 I'm also following your blog now. Would you mind following mine too please?

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