Inside my bag


 Good morning my loves….

How was your weekend?
Mine was full of work… 🙂 This week I was working in the evening shift in my work so I could wake up late in the morning … My days started around 9 am and ended late in the night…So as you can imagine I must carry a lot of things with me…

1st I carry books with me – probably you will say why I need them ….Well every day I take the train to go to work…It is a one hour journey to go there so I need a good book to keep me interested.
2nd my cell phone  – for me it is like I have my computer with me …I have access to my email and all the other apps I have loaded there…
3rd keys and money ….you can understand why I have them with me… 😛
Sometimes I forget my keys and you can figure how I feel when I go back home….
4th lip care …..Due to the weather circumstances my lips need a moisturiser.. I hate when my lips are dry….
5th sunglasses ….
and 6th makeup essentials ….I must look perfect all day in my work , so I carry this trio with me to refresh my look ..

Which of them do you carry in your bag ?


3 Comments Add yours

  1. I love the lip butter!

  2. Great must haves in your bag! Love your makeup choices!


  3. thank you girls …
    many kisses …


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