flowers on my mind

flowers on my mind

Sally&Circle circle shirt, $23 / Madewell / Wide wedge shoes / ALDO bag / Hive & Honey drop earrings / With Love From CA pendant jewelry / STELLA McCARTNEY


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  1. Well I am sorry guys for posting like this but my laptop decided to leave me ….:) 🙂 🙂
    I can't wait for it to be fixed so I post u now from my cell phone…I want to communicate with you every day so this is the only way to do it….
    How was your day my loveies?
    You can imagine how it was mine….A broken laptop made my day….hahaha….
    Now I don't want to get u tired from my post , so what do you think for my look? I loved the colors that wedges have….Very cheerful….Don't you think that they are the perfect shoes? Very stylish and very relaxing..
    I can walk thousand miles on them…

    What's your favourite shoes?

  2. Ακολουθούμε ήδη η μια την άλλη 🙂
    Τέλειο σορτς!

  3. Beautiful slection, my dear.

    Yes I would love to follow each other. I am starting following u from now. Feel free to follow me back.

    Have a Lovely Weekend,


  4. borka gamero says:

    Beautiful! great summer essentials!
    Kisses from Miami,

  5. Vikee says:

    such a lovely post
    thank you for the sweet comment on my blog
    love Vikee

  6. Mary Lou says:

    hey darling you have really a great blog! of course i would love to follow each other so i´m your newest reader now;)
    those glasses are amazing!

  7. Amazing post
    check out my blog?/follow each other?

  8. Карина says:

    Nice items!) Your blog is very cool!!))
    Follow you!)
    Follow me, if you want))

  9. I like them too…I love its geometry…
    oh I hope you had a nice trip… 🙂
    kisses V.

  10. nai einai apisteyto…to mono kako einai oti sto site pou to exw vrei den stelnei stin Ellada…snif snif… 🙂

  11. thank u sweetie.. 🙂
    I followed u back…many kisses V.

  12. thank u sweetie…you looked gorgeous on yr last post..I loved yr necklace…
    kisses V.

  13. thank u sweetie…I liked yr last post…
    How about following each other?let me know..
    kisses V.

  14. I will follow u back my dear…as I have said you are a very talented person…you do amazing clothes… 🙂
    kisses V.

  15. thank u so much …of course my dear I will follow u..
    kisses V.

  16. thank u sweetie…I will follow u back 🙂

  17. Em says:

    nice collection! very girly and feminine! 🙂
    btw, thanks for dropping by my blog.. I'm following you now. Hope you follow me back and hope we keep in touch

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