I need to run

I love sports....


Some days I have an enormous need to go out and run ….
I am not a fan of sports but sometimes I have the need to run in order to clean my mind and let the steam go out…

Today was one of these days so I chose an outfit  like this. What do you do to clean your mind?

Μερικές μέρες έχω μια τεράστια ανάγκη να βγω έξω και να τρέξω ….

Δεν είμαι οπαδός του αθλητισμού, αλλά μερικές φορές έχω την ανάγκη να τρέχω, προκειμένου να καθαρίσει το μυαλό μου και να αφήσω τον ατμό να βγει … 😛

Σήμερα ήταν μια από αυτές τις ημέρες έτσι επέλεξα ένα σύνολο σαν αυτό. Τι κάνετε εσείς για να καθαρίσετε το μυαλό σας;


6 Comments Add yours

  1. judith says:

    Me encanta este look!!
    Gracias por tu visita y comentario.
    Te sigo en CFG y Bloglovin.

  2. gracias por sus comentarios…

    te sigo en Gfc.

    I will follow you back on bloglovin too.

    kisses and saludos

  3. sprksam says:

    Great post, I've just got a pair of similar shoes and they're the best thing I've ever bought!
    Want to follow eachother too – let me know!


  4. Cassie Paige says:

    I love Nike runners! They're so comfy and now very fashionable! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I started following you via GFC and Bloglovin' and I hope you return the favor!

    the { cassiepaige }

  5. thank you so much for visiting my blog…
    I really like these shoes…I feel so comfortable with them… I have just followed you via GFC and Bloglovin.. Hope you do the same..
    kisses V.

  6. of course my dear.. I have just followed you back… you have a very good blog – I really like it ( and great photos)… 🙂
    By the way you are so true about these shoes …I love them…
    kisses V.

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